Sunday, 4 May 2008

Strawberry delights @ Big Red Strawberry Farm

What comes to mind when you think of Camerons? Tea, vegetables, flowers (ok forget flowers for the moment, they are not edible)..... strawberries!!!!!

Strawberries thrive in the cool highland weather in Camerons. Along the road from Brinchang up to Equatorial where we stayed, we encountered many strawberry farms. The farms here seem to have caught up with the concept of self picking' or 'self plucking' as some advertised it.

Tourist buses are parked along the road as whole gaggle of tourists poured out and trooped into the farms for a varocious bout of shopping and camwhoring.

I guess we were no different. We joined the throng at the Big Red Strawberry Farm. Coincidentally, A found out that it is owned by her old schoolmate. Hmm... why we got no discount one?
Big Red Strawberry Farm grows strawberries and lettuce hydroponically. The whole area covers 4 acres. The farm is clean and well organised if not somewhat clinical looking.

But the treat that we looked forward to was the cafe at the farm. Strawberry juice, strawberry smoothie, strawberry icecream, strawberries with cream, waffle with strawberries, strawberry muffin, scones with strawberry jam.........etc etc......I wish we could try them all.
The strawberry juice was a steal at RM3.90 cup. I absolutely adore strawberries and cream. It was one of my favourite during summers when I lived in UK. This cafe served the concoction with a drizzle of syrup and piped whipped cream. While the strawberries are juicy enough, I didn't like it with whipped cream, it tastes like eating air. Strawberries must be served with thick fresh cream but *sigh* I guess we don't get that luxury in Malaysia.
Finally, we managed to sample some scones in Camerons. The scones were lightly heated and had a nice crumbly texture. They were very generous with the strawberry jam. It would have been nice to have fresh cream, but I guess whipped cream is as good as it gets.

We went away quite satisfied with our strawberry fix.

Big Red Strawberry Farm
Located in Brinchang town. Same location as Cactus Valley. From the main road, turn into road where Star Regency is located. Take a right at the junction and go in about 200 metres. Admission is free.


Precious Pea said...

With such hot weather nowadays, how i wish i can make a trip up to Cameron Highlands to enjoy a cup of tea and some scone with strawberry jam. Ahhh...that would be so so perfect.

Anyway, nice blog and thanks for linking me.

AnnG said...

Hi Pea, thanks for dropping by. Hehe.. this blog has sporadic entries only so far. Was meaning to inform you about the link.