Sunday, 29 March 2009

Fishy business at May Mey Restaurant - Return of the Makan Sisters

Hello there!

It's been a long hiatus from this food blog. Not that anyone would notice. Heh! :) The Makan Sisters still very much enjoy our food sojourns, although we are too lazy to update the blog.

So in a sudden attack of guilt, bolt of inspiration, whatever you may call it, have me returning to pen in an entry.

My sister (blood sister not the makan one ;p) brought home 2 huge fishes from East Malaysia, one of which was the famed ' Lou Shi Pan' or 'Rat faced Garoupa' (not sure what the proper name in English should be). We decided that our limited home cooking skills just will not do justice and proceeded to the restaurant with the fishes.

Sis picked May Mey Restaurant at Kuala Ampang. I have never eaten at this particular restaurant before although we used to dine in that area quite often in the past. Our family used to patronise the more famous restaurant next door, until their soaring prices and sliding food quality turned us away.

The star dish of the evening was the Lou Shi Pan which was simply steamed with ginger.

(Steamed 'Lou Shi Pan' with ginger )

Simply yummy! The flesh was firm and 'bouncy'. Steaming it with ginger with a dash of soy sauce enhances the flavour of the fish. Although the yumminess has more to do with the fresh fish itself, I was happy that it was accorded the right treatment during cooking.

The other more 'ordinary' garoupa was cooked sweet sour style and braised with red chilli.
(Sweet and sour garoupa)

The fleshy part of the fish and the tail end was cooked sweet and sour style. No complaints there. The fish was fried nice and crisp before being doused in a piquant sweet and sour sauce. Perhaps it was kind of sinful to smother the wonderfully fresh fish in a heavy sauce. But we enjoyed it nevertheless.
(Braised garoupa with red chilli)
The fish head was braised with fried tofu, roast pork (siew yuk), onions and red chilli. Good choice of cooking style because none of us are connoisseurs of fish head, the head has been taken apart during the cooking and we could pick on the flesh.

The other dishes that we sampled there are Curry Prawns, Yam Basket and vegetables.(Curry Prawns)

(Yam Basket)

The cooking is not too shabby. The place got nods of approval from everyone at the table. I think this just 'may' become our family's next restaurant hangout. Dinner was courtesy of bro-in-law. Thanks J! Since I don't look the gift horse in the mouth, I had no idea what the meal cost. But was told that it was much cheaper than what you would expect to pay next door.

If you normally dine around Kuala Ampang area, especially the more famous neighbouring restaurant, give May Mey a try, you may like it just as well.

May Mey Gourmet Seafood Restaurant
2 Lorong Awan 6, Kuala Ampang,
68000, Ampang.
Tel: 012-643 9733