Monday, 21 April 2008

Dain Ti Hill - upmarket Char Chan Teng

Rush down from one hill to go to another Hill. Jaded and I went to Cameron Highlands for the weekend last Friday. And I have agreed to have dinner with Cable Guy on Saturday, the day we return from Camerons.

We are to have dinner in Pavillion. I thought I should be able to make it to KL by 7.30pm. By the time I was ready it was 9.0pm. Luckily according to Cable Guy last order is at 10.00pm.

When we reached Pavillion, we took the lift right up to 6th Floor and there I saw Dain Ti Hill

It looked impressive alright, and my first thought upmarket Char Chan Teng

The waiter showed us to a seat just at the entrance. Looked through the menu and Cable Guy pointed out what he has eaten before. Told him he might as well order.

He ordered the Grape fruit Chicken salad since he has tried their signature Dragon Fruit Salad. Bad choice. There were about only 5 pieces of chicken and lots of grape fruit which was very bitter! We ate the chicken and left much of the grape fruit and honey dew untouched.

This is the Fried was rather tough.

At Rm28.00 I though the Skewered Prawns is over priced. There were only 6 prawns with some strands of vegetables. It was quite tasty though.

We also ordered the Baked Escargots. Could hardly taste the escargot because its already shelled!

When the waitress came to ask if we have any last order, we ordered this spring roll like dish. It is actually pork seaweed roll with papaya, tomato and a slice of avocado in it. Without the tomato paste the rolls are quite bland!

Cable Guy ordered a pumpkin soup for himself. I had a try and thought it was quite tasty. Sorry no photo.

Both of us ordered the Calamansari Fragrant Tea. Initially I thought the straw caused the plasticy taste.. then on second thoughts I think its the fragrance of the tea. Nothing special about the drink.

They serve sushi rolls too, very large ones which Cable Guy says we wont be able to finish. Anyway I didnt find the food very tasty and I felt the price was upmarket too. We paid RM134.00.

Lot 6.01.05, 6th Floor,
Pavilion KL,168,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur.
03-2145 6628

Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Sisters Pig Out @ Jarrod and Rawlins

Of late, there seems to be a proliferation of non-halal eateries catering to KL urbanites’ appetite for porcine delights. Checkers (ok, Checkers been around for sometime) El Credo, Bavarian Bierhaus, Fogel , Jarrod and Rawlins. The owners, Jarrod Chek and Denis Rawlins have been in business for only over a year but they already have 4 outlets under their belt – Damansara Heights, another at Sri Hartamas and recently opened in 1Utama and Ampwalk. Quite an achievement !

A and I decided to head over to their original restaurant at Damansara Heights. It’s housed at a bungalow lot at Lorong Dungun.

Jarrod and Rawlins is a pork eaters’ heaven and a pig’s nightmare. If you don’t like eating pork, don’t bother going there. There is a small selection of beef and lamb but otherwise its pork, pork and more pork. We decided to go for their grilled menu. The concept being customers select their cuts of meat from the deli counter. There is a RM10 charge for cooking and meats will be charged according to choice of selection and weight. A and I picked out the dynamite sausage, pork chilli sausage, lamb cranberry, spare ribs, pork chops and a nice big Portabello mushroom with bacon and cheese. I added an order of 150gm of rib eye.
Plate of meats and sausages with a side of salad

I must say the sausages were superb. I love the dynamite. But diners beware; have your drink ready for a cooling douse in case you bite into bits of the bird’s eye chili. The ribs were excellent! Well marinated and grilled to perfection to bring out the smoky flavours. The pork chop was rather bland. I think the cut was too thick for the flavours from the marinade to seep through. The meat ended up dry and bland. I’ll skip that the next time. I don’t normally like lamb but the cranberry lamb sausage did not have the heavy ‘lamby’ smell and it was tinged with the sweetness from the cranberries.
The rib eye was all for me, since A doesn’t take beef. And I enjoyed every last bite of it. It’s nicely seared to seal in the juices on the outside and the inside was still pink and tender. At RM9.90 for 100gm, I reckon its good value.
Portabello mushroom with cheese and bacon
The Portabello Cheese and Bacon was a bit sad looking after cooking. The mozeralla turned out a gooey mess on top of the mushroom. It was tasty nevertheless, but rather pricey at RM13.80 per piece.
Hazelnut and Oreos Cream gelato

We rounded the meal off with gelato, Hazelnut and Oreo Cream. A complained that the Oreo cream was not creamy enough; I was quite satisfied with the Hazelnut.

Overall, it was a nice dinner. The arteries clogging meal came up to RM146.50, including a glass of wine each. Not the cheapest eat in town, but hey, what is life if we don’t splurge sometime.

I’ll recommend calling ahead to make reservations especially on weekends. It was a Saturday night and we were lucky to get a table for two because we arrived early at 7pm.

No. 36 (Ground Floor), Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-2300 0708, Fax: 03-2300 0706