Saturday, 10 May 2008

Sisters eat @ Canton-i, 1 Utama

From the operators of Dragon-I, we have Canton-I. What is next? Taiwan-I?

Canton-I serves Hong Kong cuisine. Even the layout of the restaurant reflects that of a Hong Kong eatery. The open kitchen behind glass features on one side of the wall, tables jammed close together takes up the rest of the restaurant. There are mirrors along one side of the wall in an attempt to make the place seems more spacious. But it is still cramped. The aisles between tables are very narrow. Woe betides you if you are of ample girth and have to weave your way in from the front to the far end of the restaurant during peak dining period.

Available on the menu is a selection of rice, noodles, dim sum and desert. Both A and I ordered the wan tan noodles. The dry version cost RM11.80++ and the soup version RM10.80++. Eh? Why the different pricing? We cannot comprehend the logic of charging one extra ringgit for the dry version. Soy sauce costs RM1 meh?

(Wantan Mee - Soup Version)

But the wan tan noodles are good; springy with a nice chewy bite to it. The wan tans that come with the noodles are even better. Unlike the hawker variety which are skinny, filled with a miserly gob of minced meat, this is fat with chock full of prawny goodness in it. The prawns are firm and bouncy. Ah! Just like how they have it in Hong Kong. But then it is RM11.80++ vs RM3.50 at the stalls ~.^

(BBQ Pork Ribs)

We had a plateful of BBQ Pork Ribs to share. My initial thought when the plate arrived at the table was ‘For RM22.80++, there isn’t much of these pieces of oinkers’ The ribs are tender with a nice layer of fat on it but I found the sauce a tad too sweet.

'nai cha'

Didn’t like the ‘nai cha’ milk tea, it was still drinkable when hot, but once cooled, it tasted like mud flavoured Carnation milk.

I saw bowls of steaming congee served at other tables. Looks yummy. Would definitely order that on my next trip there.

I would give it thumbs up for the Wan Tan noodles and Wan Tan. The best I have tasted so far (must qualify my statement) in KL.

Canton –I
G-208, 2nd Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-77297888 (Monday to Friday – 11.00am to 10pm. Saturday to Sunday – 10.30am onwards)


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