Monday, 30 July 2007

Discovering Treasures From Below The Sea @ Williams

No these are not "treasures from below the sea" that Jaded brought back from below Redang! They however were some treasures we found at Williams Taman Mayang that we have been reading about. After checking all the food blogs about Williams, Jaded and I were determined to pay William a visit. Opportunity came when I took leave last Tuesday and Jaded could leave from Cyberjaya.

Our Makan Sister Time is always an adventure. We would make plans on how to meet, where to park the car....blah, blah, blah. I have checked out the blog and was thinking about the stuffed sotong and fried fish......But hey no one told us that there is NO Menu at Williams.

We found a table, sat down and an Indian guy came and asked us...
"Ada apa?"
"Manggo .... ade, orange.....ade, water melon....ade" (actually that was all we heard the first words
.... so we ended up "Ribena dengan lychee, bukan bukan... ribena longan" Jaded ordered
"Ada apa?"
"Chicken chop ade, pasta ade, nasi ade......."

Jaded looked at me and I looked back. In our minds "so how".....Then thank goodness William the saviour, no the Walking Menu came. To say that he is a Walking Menu is also doing him injustice. He could just customize up your dish there and then!!!

I asked, "Ada sotong dengan ikan?"
He said, "Ada... sotong dengan ikan pasta...."
I said, "tak mau pasta..."
He, "Ok Sotong dengan ikan dengan soo hoon"
I, "soo hoon??" Strange I thought!!.....ok lah
Jaded, "Seafood?"
He, "Ada....seafood pasta? Baked seafood penne!!!"
Jaded, "Ok!"

And those were the Treasure from below The Sea......My stuffed sotong and fish sprinkled mint sauce on a bed of soo hoon.......very verry unusual!!! (pix above) The sotong with little bits of cheese and chicken meat.

Jaded's Baked Seafood penne came really hot and the white sauce was good not too creamy .... It had sotong, prawns in it and the portion was large!! Jaded could even have Microwave Leftover Seafood penne that next next day!!!

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boo_licious said...

Oooh, looks good. U're lucky the walking menu came to u. The last time I ate here, I was kinda bummed as I didn't know what to order since no menu and they were too busy to entertain me.