Wednesday, 11 July 2007

After the Menopause....

Since Jaded's last posting....we have done nothing to the blog. Da List still rest with 3 entries from Jaded and 3 from me......gosh and we claim we have A LIST!!!.....

Anyway Jaded is too busy with work and with her "diving adventures"......yes into the deep blue. Guess there wont be any posting from her for a while.

I just wanna share about what happened after the Menopause...............The Musical! I went for the musical at Actor's Studio with my girlfriend. I didnt know it was a musical and hey I was truly entertained!
The show finished at about 7.30 and Dee suggested we eat at La Bodega....the easiest. I have always enjoyed the Tapas there. The best I must say.....pricey though. However this time I was surprised that they have a set menu. You pick can 4 different tapas from 6 (i think) choices together with a paella. All these for RM75.00++. I thought it was good a deal, the choices are all their signature tapas.

We selected the sauteed mushroom, the brinjal, garlic chicken and crispy shrimp with tartar sauce. I have always loved their mushroom and the shrimps were something new(to me) and they were delicious. The paella was a big helping, and it came will mussels, prawns, lalah and chicken. We couldnt finish the paella. Though this set is meant for 2 pax, Dee and I thought its good for 3 or 4 person!.

I remembered to snap the photos of the food this time.....but as you know its so dark at La Bodega....and I forgot to switch to night mode........sorry photos did come out good!!!.....
If you can see that there are prawns and mussels in the paella too.

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