Monday, 7 July 2008

Bak Kut Teh @ Kim Tek Restaurant, Kepong

A bunch of us were setting out for an adrenaline filled day white water rafting at Sungai Itek ( more of it here). We needed a hearty breakfast to fortify ourselves. What could be more invigorating then a hearty bowl of Bak Kut Teh ?

My friend called ahead to make a booking at Kim Tek Restaurant. We were asked to identify our car number during the booking! Wah liao! It was a Saturday morning and the place was super packed with patrons enjoying hot steaming bowls of the meaty broth.

There are different variants of Bak Kut Teh from the dark rich broth of the Hokkien variety to the clear peppery soup of the Teochew style of cooking, the ones you generally get in Singapore. As for moi, give me the dark rich hearty ones anytime.

'Sai Kuat'

Bak Kut Teh served here is of not as dark as the ones you'll find in Klang, I find it lighter in colour and herbal taste. For 6 adults, we ordered 5 servings of mixed meat and offals including the 'sai kuat' (literal translation is small bone, said to be a choice cut). The meat of the 'sai kuat' was stewed to 'fall off the bones' perfection and it was so tender, the texture was akin to chicken!

The extra sides of 'yau char kwai' (chinese crullers) and 'tafu pok' (fried bean curd cubes) are a must with Bak Kut Teh, they are great for soaking up the rich meaty broth. We ordered 'pek ker', some sort of bland wobbly gelatinous pudding with the texture of pork fat. I must admit I'm not a fan.
'Pek Ker'

All of that with a pot of Chinese tea to 'dissolve' the fat and douse the guilt came up to something in the region of RM72. Service will not be the reason you'll come to this place. We asked for small bowls for us to spoon individual bowls of the broth, which was ignored. Want more soup ? You'll feel like Oliver Twist asking for more gruel!

The restaurant is located at Kepong Indah, off the MRR2, not far from FRIM. Be careful to step into the right restaurant, there is another Bak Kut Teh restaurant adjacent to it that is as empty as this is packed with customers.

Kim Tek Restaurant
Jalan 2/1A, Kepong Indah, Kepong, 52100, Tel: 03-6365545


Precious Pea said...

Ah..TeowChew BKT! I like this style as compared to the Klang version.

Jaded said...

To each her own :P

jolicious' journal said...

its a hokkien style bak kut teh oh bout tat bowl very sorry bout it coz of that stupid n bler new nepalese worker next time if hav anything juz request from alvin hehehe at ther whom as a chinese waiter n bout tat soup matter its was very hard to solve it la coz juz like a "kopi o" 1 mix water its was very tasteful right ? n d 2nd time mixed water sure sure untasteful jor oh hope u will understand bout it thx d add is 26 & 28 jln 3/1a, Taman Kepong indah ,kepong 52100 kl n te: 03-62765545 or 012-6242826 thx

Anonymous said...

Hey..that bloody alvin perhaps is the 2nd best in customer service. but you forgotten there is one girl who seems fierce and strict like ALVIN's mum.. able to provide you top customer service much better than
the girl is temporary not available there..if you happen to see her, you r so lucky !!!

jolicious' journal said...


i think i will see the seem fierce and strict like alvin's mum girl soon....