Monday, 2 June 2008

Ole Sayang Nyonya Lunch @ Melaka

Drove to Melaka for lunch last Saturday? Yes, glad it was last Saturday before the petrol price hike. It was a promise I made my sister, to take her and her husband to taste the Melaka nyonya food. Good thing I decided it to be last Saturday!

We went to Ole Sayang, in Taman Melaka Raya I believe it is one of the more famous nyonya restaurants, at least among tourists to Melaka. Good thing we reached the restaurant at about 12.45pm. As we stepped in I noticed many tables reserved. The waitresses were all busy and no one bothered to entertain us. We were lucky to get a small table as some guests were leaving.
The food came 15 minutes after we have ordered and we were surprised. Because by this time most of the tables were seated with people. Many we think are tourists from out of town. Next to our table was a Japanese couple, they had food specially ordered by their tour guide!

We ordered 4 dishes.

The Udang Masak Lemak Nenas. This is certainly a good choice. My sister really like it, and she loved the pineapples. The prawns were really fresh. There were some assam gelugor (skins) in the gravy we noticed, hence making the gravy not to "lemak" with tinge of sour taste.

The waitress recommended the Chilly Fish. We were really impressed by the fish. The flesh was really sweet and juicy. Normally fried fish can be really dry. Both my sister and my brother-in-law couldnt figure out what fish it was. Then the waitress told us its "jenak"....I still dont know what fish it is.

"Chicken Rendang" was the special for the day. Nothing unusual about the Chicken Rendang but it was really fragrant as how rendang should be.

Of course the most ordinary was the Sambal Kangkong.

By this time the whole restaurant was fill with people and commotion. Many guests were standing around waiting for a table. As we were about to finish our meal. The waitress come just at the right moment to deliver the cendol that we ordered earlier.

Truely enjoyed the cendol. It comes with red beans! The cendol is springy and not like the soft mushy ones you get in KL and they use real santan! Best part of course is the gula melaka, fragrant and not too sweet.

Everything, from the keropok (side dish), the sambal (RM1.50, yes we have to pay for it but it was nothing to shout about) to the wet tissues only cost us RM88.00 but we thought it was value for money!
Ole Sayang
199 Taman Melaka Raya
75000 Melaka
06 283 1966

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